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That’s the ceiling in the bedroom, and actually it fell down from the snow last winter. My kids’ dad, he came over and fixed it up but it still is not safe. It [worries me] a lot. I want to actually go into a shelter, but right now I’m on a waiting list for a shelter.

I can’t wash up out of a tub… I can’t take a shower every day like normal people; I have to wash up out of the sink. That’s the sink. Also, I have to put my kids inside the sink and wash them up. At least we do have hot water and running water… it could be worse.
That’s the tub, I took a picture of that because that’s a problem for me because like I can’t take a shower there; I have to wash up out of a sink. My mom's boyfriend has the money to get it fixed but he doesn’t want to get it fixed.

That’s  a picture of my bathroom in my house. I just took a picture of that because I’m getting sick and tired of it looking like that… I just wish that I had some money so I could help to get it fixed.

You never know what goes on behind closed doors.  Some people need to know exactly how we’re living being single moms, being that we’re on our own and we don’t have that many opportunities.  When something breaks, we may not be able to fix it because we have limited income.  It’s really hard to try to get everything fixed. […] How would my neighbor actually try to work with something like that?  Being in a situation like that, your kids can stay hungry.

I took a picture of this because I was just showing the water damage. You got landlords where they don’t wanna come out and do work on your house, and then you have this. You have your ceiling falling in because you run your shower and you go to get in the tub and you have water damage and it’s coming through the ceiling.

I was caulking the windows so this picture shows how it looked before it started, like the big cracks on the seams of the windows and then once I filled them in.  Trying to weatherize the house, getting it ready for winter to reduce  my gas bill.

Try to work with what you have. So many people live beyond their means. You can't say, "I’m living in this house and it’s a piece of crap and nothing works."  Try to empower yourself to fix something or to do something. There’s things that you can do yourself just to improve the quality of life around you.


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