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Police Presence

Police presence on the streets of Philadelphia has increased significantly since Mayor Nutter began implementation of his “Safety Now” crime reduction plan and declared a state of emergency in high-crime areas in early 2008. As a part of violence reduction efforts, police on foot patrol cover traditionally high-crime areas and the number of police on patrol has increased. This increase in police presence is met by varying responses from residents—some welcome the increased sense of security, others say that the police are ineffective; still others cite instances of police brutality, especially following the murders of several on-duty Philadelphia cops in 2008.   

This is Saturday morning at about 7:30.  I get to the 61 bus stop and I didn’t even pay attention that I was getting ready to step in it.  There’s puddles… puddles!  This person lost a lot of blood because it’s been almost ten hours and it’s still out in puddle.  Somebody’s kid could have fallen in that, touched it, anything.  I don’t think the cops were there, because I know they would have had yellow tape around it or something.

"This is where Dante died, right here.  This is a couple feet from the elementary school.  He was shot ten times or more.  I am showing how this is one of the deaths in the neighborhood that we mourned a lot.  I was showing also how it’s not safe by the school."

This is a make-shift memorial for Dante, Whitney's friend who was shot across the street from the Blaine Elementary School.  The school garden is right next to this location.

"We just need some love, that’s all. We just need  to get the love back in the city. This is supposed to be the City of Brotherly Love. This is not. This is the city of kill your brother- Killadelphia is what they call it now."


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