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When I took that picture I was thinking that they say Philadelphia’s the City of Brotherly Love. But if it’s the City of Brotherly Love why can't anybody even get a job in this city? The people that are really trying to get a job can’t get one.

I’m the block captain of this block. If anyone on this block needs brooms, the shovels that we have, we get them from the city. Just take care of it. And use it. Last year they gave us flowers and everything to plant. Everybody has a garden now.

I’m just tired, I’m just all tired. I just wanna get my daughter away from here and get my family away from this because it’s like they don’t care about the low-income people. If you’re not making enough money as they’re making, they don’t bother it. And I don’t think it’s right, I don’t think it’s right to us.

"Misunderstood by many, loved by enough. I stand on my own two feet like a grown woman. Single mother of one and barely making it but never struggling."

-Excerpt from a poem by Whitney

"We just need some love, that’s all. We just need  to get the love back in the city. This is supposed to be the City of Brotherly Love. This is not. This is the city of kill your brother- Killadelphia is what they call it now."

I think all children have potential for anything, to be anything, to be anybody. living in this neighborhood, it strips them of their innocence and their ability to be whatever they want to be, just living in an urban neighborhood.


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