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Education and Opportunity

When I took that picture I was thinking that they say Philadelphia’s the City of Brotherly Love. But if it’s the City of Brotherly Love why can't anybody even get a job in this city? The people that are really trying to get a job can’t get one.

That’s my door. It's like all of us--just all locked up. And sometimes I feel like the welfare, that’s what it is, a locked door. Like tryin’ to get through a locked door.

I just want them to grow up to be the best that they can be.  I want them to finish high school. I want them to either go to college or take up some type of trade.


He's in a program for teens like eighteen to twenty-five, who have a problem with selling drugs and getting locked up and stuff like that. And they help them get jobs. They train them to do like either construction, cooking, housekeeping, whatever it is that they wanna do. They get them into that training for free and they make sure they have their high school diploma or GED and then they send them to work. He went for construction so pretty soon he’ll be working for construction.

This is about survival of the fittest. I had to eat out of people's leftovers and I had to wash up in people's backyards in the winter time out of their little faucet, out in the cold. I’ve really struggled. And I’m tired. When do I get a break?



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