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Violence and Trauma

A boy got shot here. The police is sitting right there, and somebody dies right here on the corner. It happens a lot, but I’m not sure what they’re doing to make any changes about that. Me and my daughter go outside and walk around with the dog, and sometimes I don’t feel comfortable because you never know what’s about to happen.  I knew a few of the young boys that got killed around that neighborhood. They’re very young, like 20, 21.

We need peace. That’s why I love doing the peace sign. All my friends are like “that is so old, nobody does that anymore.” But I'm like, "we need peace!"

My neighbor’s son:
The drugs are the root of all of it.  My neighbor’s son was killed there, and this neighbor still gets high, too.  Her son got killed for drugs right down the street from my house, and they’re still selling crack.  It’s sick.  When she gets all zapped out of her mind, she goes down there and lights a candle, around one, two o’clock in the morning.

It hinders me a lot to know that as a little girl I was raped and beaten. I never wanted a daughter, and I know I can’t make that judgment, but God gave me a daughter. And he probably gave her to me to make me stronger but it doesn’t. It makes me weaker because I’m so overprotective of her. It’s like I don’t let her do this, I don’t let her do that. And she gets mad like she doesn’t understand. She doesn’t understand.



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