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Public School System

All school-aged children living within the city of Philadelphia are required to attend Philadelphia public schools if they are not enrolled in a private or charter institution. Philadelphia public schools face the same challenges that many other public schools in urban centers struggle against: large class sizes, under-funding, and the co-occurring low student performance and violence. Any intervention to reduce poverty rates and increase the health and well-being of Philadelphians must include prioritizing primary and secondary education.

His dad wanted memories of his first day of school. The school makes them do the peace sign. When they're walking in the school they all have to do the peace sign.

"This is where Dante died, right here.  This is a couple feet from the elementary school.  He was shot ten times or more.  I am showing how this is one of the deaths in the neighborhood that we mourned a lot.  I was showing also how it’s not safe by the school."

This is a make-shift memorial for Dante, Whitney's friend who was shot across the street from the Blaine Elementary School.  The school garden is right next to this location.


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