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Child Health

I want everyone to see how important her health is to me.  She’s been so sick.  Her asthma started acting up and then she got cold sores and, forget it! Those are all her medications. She has to take them everyday, and one medicine she takes four or five times a day, just to keep her mouth from hurting so bad.

 I breastfed the oldest one. The youngest one, he gets sick a lot, but my oldest one doesn’t really get sick at all, because I breastfed him … [the younger one] had to stay in the hospital for about seven days because I caught an infection and then it passed through him. And at the time I couldn’t afford a breast pump. I couldn’t get to a pump fast enough so my milk dried up and I couldn’t breastfeed.

When my son was six weeks old he had open heart surgery.  The health insurance covered his surgery completely. I just want him to be healthy.



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