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Food Cost

She’s a very picky eater and she eats when and what she wants to eat. I buy what she likes but when I make what she likes she doesn't want to eat it.

"I don't get a lunch break, really. If I do take a break, they take it out of my pay. So we're entitled to a 15 minute break. My co-workers and I pool our money together to buy chips. I took this picture to show my lunch. I know my nutrition is not good."

I took this picture because I don’t go out often. I don’t get fast food often. So I had done somebody’s hair and got some money and I said [to the kids] “What do ya’ll wanna do with the money?” They wanted KFC.

I have a job and I’m barely making it, so imagine how many people walking around hungry, with a smile, trying to fake it.

They give me $376 in Food Stamps. To try to make it through a month you have to put cash to it; there’s no way Food Stamps are gonna make it alone, it’s not gonna work.


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