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Food Insecurity and Hunger

"I take the bus to work. That’s why I had the picture of the two bus tokens. My sad, little tokens, because it was these two tokens that I had left for three more days of getting to work. Welfare said they couldn’t give me any more bus fare money because they already gave it to me. But of course, my priority is to feed my kids. I know that going to the job is going to pay me eventually, but I can’t let them starve all week long. So, I’m going to use that money to feed them first."

She was asking me for that yogurt. I felt so bad because it was outdated. It was old so I couldn’t give it to her. She was asking me for it, I said, ‘I don’t have it. It’s no good’… She was actually crying because I took it off of her and dumped it. And I didn’t have like anything else to give her.

My son, he’s already on the small side and he needs every bit of food that he can get to make him healthy, keep him healthy. He has failure to thrive. He has a bone deficiency that doesn’t allow him to grow. He’s only thirty pounds. He has acid reflux. He had RSV, failure to thrive, chronic asthma



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