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I get stressed, I get overworked, bills are piling up, I feel like I’m ready to explode… I just go on my treadmill, reduce the stress. By the time I’m finished I feel a whole lot better. Try to find a constructive way to deal with everyday life without drinking, without smoking, without fighting, without cussing, beating on the kids because you're just at your wit’s end. Find something constructive and positive for yourself to do.

That is the YMCA--through your medical coverage you can join the Y. They actually will pay for you to get a membership to the Y as a way of reducing more health problems,  a way to keep them from forking out more money if you get overweight and start developing more medical problems. I think it’s a good way to relieve stress, too. You know, you get to go the gym and you get to work out, you just get some free time to clear your head for a couple hours.

These are the bars on our windows. It’s a mean of safety because if anybody busts the window you know they can’t get in. But sometimes we feel just caged in and it’s sad that we have to feel that way...I don’t like what’s outside my house.

Despite the bars on the windows, Tangela's apartment was broken in to this past summer, and many her things were stolen.



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