The Center for Hunger-Free Communities

Solutions Based on Science and the Human Experience

Employment Opportunities

Anyone who receives Cash Assistance and is able to work must participate in employment or training programs for a certain number of hours each week.  After meeting with a caseworker at the local County Assistance Office, the participant completes an initial job search at a neighborhood EARN Center. Here participants decide which programs will best help them find a job, given their work history, skills, level of education, availability of transportation, and child care arrangements. 

"You have to make peace. I feel you have to make peace because if you don’t then you’ll be caught up out here with everything else that’s going on around you. You have to learn how to take yourself outta that and keep your own peace ‘cause if not you’re not gonna have any peace. In reality we don’t [have peace]. The only peace we may have is when we are asleep or when we are in our own homes. But then you still have bullets flying through the windows."


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