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Rhode Island

That’s my son, Dominic. This is the food pantry of the Johnnycake Center. My son, he’s special needs. He has Down syndrome. He’s been volunteering for the pantry for like three years now.  I might be a person in need of some of this stuff, but when you’re in need you can also give back. I wouldn’t ever take if I didn’t need, and so I give back through volunteering.


Yemi is a mother of two children, originally from Nigeria and now living in Rhode Island. For Yemi, life in America is full of challenges and struggles. Her son once asked her if they were still in Africa. Yemi had to explain that despite the poverty and poor living conditions they were facing, they were in fact in America. Her son’s observation really showed her the need to fix this level of poverty and hunger in the U.S.



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