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My children love this playground. They have always played here and have so much fun. I'm worried that if they want to build more condos or buildings they will tear down the playground. 

Have not received child support in one whole year and when I do receive the check it's twenty -two dollars. What I'm I supposed to do with that?

My apartment building has not been remodeled in years. My apartment building is one block away from the new condos they are putting up in the city. Why have they not remodeled our apartment? It seems that they want to push us out and bring in new apartments and new people!

This is my son’s play area in the house. My apartment is like a shoebox. It’s really small, and I’m paying a thousand dollars for something I have to make my son a play area in the corner to live in. We spend all this money, and we don’t even have space. 

This makes me sad.  It's a shame that you have to stand in long lines for housing. It's also unfortunate that they kicked out the "foreigners" who were not willing to be fight or be loud. Why do you have to fight or be loud for a basic human right? 

Dark hallways, no cameras. The elevator’s out most of the time. We have no choice but to walk down the steps. I try not to take my daughter down with me so much because there’s no air, there’s no window. It’s Section 8 housing. I’ve lived there now about 5 years. I had to move out of another apartment because people kept breaking the front door. I kept writing letters and they were pretty much ignoring me, until somebody else got involved. It’s just sad.

A boy got shot here. The police is sitting right there, and somebody dies right here on the corner. It happens a lot, but I’m not sure what they’re doing to make any changes about that. Me and my daughter go outside and walk around with the dog, and sometimes I don’t feel comfortable because you never know what’s about to happen.  I knew a few of the young boys that got killed around that neighborhood. They’re very young, like 20, 21.

The landlord consistently said this was properly fixed, but that is a complete lie. The landlord always said this is the 'best" that could be done.  It tooks 3 weeks for someone to come and fix the sink and this is what they do. The excess water brings mice. I already have mold and mildew, so how much more can I take?

Would you feel clean after taking a bath in mold and mildew? Of course not. No matter the brand of soap (Dove, Dial, Irish Spring) you will never feel clean.  My 8  year old daughter has to get shots every Tuesday because of this. 



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