The Center for Hunger-Free Communities

Solutions Based on Science and the Human Experience

Washington DC

Regardless of the living conditions, I still try to make a nice, pretty, and decent home for my daughter.  

8 years on this air mattress. How much longer? This is my living room and my bedroom. 

Everything I do is for me and you.  I just have to keep on fighting because it's just me and  her.

At the age of 38, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I know that I should be preparing healthier meals for my family. Unfortunately, fruits and vegetables are extremely expensive. Now I must find creative ways to cook healthier. Sadly, another daily struggle.

My son ran into some furniture at daycare and hit his head. I was notified that he was bleeding and that an ambulance was transporting him to the hospital. I was so worried as I rushed to meet them at the hospital. Once he was bandaged and feeling better, I started calculating the hospital bills that I would have to pay out of pocket. I am still fighting a $400 ambulance bill to this day. Again, I am “over income” for medical assistance for my son, but I struggle to pay for medications and co-payments.  

My short-term goal was to fill up my deep freezer for the winter. It’s January and my freezer is still empty. I don’t understand how I am denied food stamps because I am “over income” but I can’t put food in my freezer.

I remember spending my childhood on 14th and Chapin Street. I was always amazed at the character of the houses on my street. Now all I see are condos being shoved in small spaces. At this time, there are currently 5 condos being built on my street. Every single condo is priced at $500,000 or more. Who can afford that? 

This is a garden near where I live. Greens, tomatoes, carrots, and apples all grow there. This kind of food helps keep you healthy, living longer, and staying on the right path. 

We need new playgrounds. Kids need a place to play. There used to be a playground here, but they knocked it down. When kids don't have a safe place to play, they can get in trouble. 

This is the metro station on Minnesota Avenue. This wall is a hazard and dangerous, somebody could easily get hurt. We spend money on the metro and this is what we get.



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