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Washington DC

This used to be an electric company. They knocked it down to make condos. Once they knock it down they don’t care about how people will live, they only care about making money. This made me frustrated because if we just worked together and helped each other than we wouldn’t have all of these problems in DC and the world. But the companies only care about making money, not helping people. 

This is our stove- it caught on fire while I was cooking and I had to use a fire extinguisher to put it out. Now I can’t use it and I might have to wait months to get a new stove. This is a fire hazard. 

Tera is a student and mother of two. She joined the D.C. chapter of Witnesses to Hunger to speak up about issues that are close to heart, as well as issues that have affected her friends, family, and neighbors. She cares most about housing, health, child care, and homelessness. Tera lives in Northeast Washington, DC with her two children.

Nefatera is an educator and mother of one. She is the first person in her large family to attend college. Nefatera joined the Witnesses to Hunger group because of her interest in youth advocacy and education, and to become a powerful voice for the working and non-working community. She would like to alter the state of DC housing, health care, and education, while advocating on behalf of her family, students, and community. Nefatera resides east of the Anacostia river.

Lelise is a student and mother of one. Lelise joined the D.C. Witnesses to gain the skills to help herself, her family and others like her. She cares most about the issues of housing and safety, and resides in Northwest Washington, DC.



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